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safe1755462 artist:egophiliac2150 applejack173637 big macintosh28875 blossomforth1454 carrot cake2156 cheerilee10163 clipper (g1)14 cup cake4262 derpy hooves50830 discord31895 gusty545 kimono221 lyra heartstrings30132 minty1270 pound cake2614 powder114 pumpkin cake2362 rarity186021 sunbeam44 oc714037 unnamed oc1894 draconequus12909 earth pony268001 pegasus310932 pony1015406 unicorn344374 slice of pony life101 g114959 g36931 bow30095 bowtie10689 carousel boutique2300 clothes477451 colt15522 comic111687 fabric603 female1406158 filly69938 fluttershy's cottage1488 g1 to g43853 g3 to g41202 generation leap5889 glasses64981 glowing horn20645 gold star31 haggis4 hairspray40 hilarity ensues37 hoof hold8673 horn78426 levitation12617 magic75613 magic aura4685 male389565 mare504386 measuring tape1092 mouth hold18128 oh minty minty minty62 ponyville schoolhouse674 slice of life1408 socks68745 spamalot2 stallion116367 starlight express8 sugarcube corner2444 tail bow5828 telekinesis28833 that pony sure does love socks36 this will not end well1727 tumblr35006 wet mane5305 y'all155


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

6th panel; clever filly that Pumpkin…slipping the little detail (her reprimand) that’ll get her in trouble in with bigger news to distract from it.

Those Slice-universe Mane Six… I really love their manes! Slice!Applejack is just ♥.
Also, we need Minty in Season 4. WANT IT. NEED IT.