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safe1749834 artist:beavernator878 princess cadance33136 princess celestia96733 twilight sparkle306045 alicorn232784 pony1009943 unicorn342041 baby10694 baby pony6807 babylight sparkle392 beavernator is trying to murder us132 celestia is not amused545 comic111436 cute205621 cutedance1288 diaper13828 duo64688 duo female11920 eyes closed97991 female1401303 frown23558 grin40881 hnnng2479 ink1323 inkwell466 letter3108 messy2222 mouth hold18066 open mouth154155 prone26340 quill2754 raised eyebrow6686 reading6423 scroll3476 sleeping23931 smiling260709 solo1093973 twiabetes12262 unamused16742 unicorn twilight18685 vector77861 younger17757


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However, instead of "Cadance's first report", it should be "Twilight's first report" :D

Or maybe it's their both.

that's so freaking cute!!! X3!!!!!!!!!!!!….of course….if not cute when it happens to you with a paper you just pulled an all nighter for…>___>