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artist needed26038 source needed14999 safe1723447 spike79362 twilight sparkle302605 dragon57283 pony983834 unicorn330815 basket3126 bed41468 blushing200355 comic109948 confused4805 crepuscular rays2969 crying44037 cute202388 daaaaaaaaaaaw4031 dialogue66319 dilated pupils607 dream2724 eye contact6533 eyes closed95249 fangs25895 feels1567 floppy ears53052 frown23185 glare8260 golden oaks library5156 grin39431 gritted teeth12466 hug28633 leaning3664 male378703 mama twilight1081 night26788 open mouth149199 prone25853 raised eyebrow6610 raised hoof47374 sad24739 sadorable914 sleeping23662 smiling253342 speech bubble23687 spikabetes2057 teary eyes4236 unicorn twilight18065 wide eyes17181


not provided yet


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Background Pony #6FBA
There's this intense pain in my chest right now. It feels like my heart is melting

Oh fuck, now I'm vomiting up blood

Yep, this gave me heart failure

It's too fucking SAD!!!!!!!! HRRRRK! ACK! UHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh……………
Background Pony #1162
Twilight having freaky college-aged interspecies sex with dragondad- it must be drawn to be believed.

Oh who am I kidding, it's probably already been drawn.