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Happy 200. I put SO MANY TAGS on this. Please add any tags if you think I missed any.
safe1636767 edit125426 ace point207 aloe2529 angel bunny9590 apple bloom47962 applejack164338 axilla34 berry punch6332 berryshine6324 big macintosh27380 bright mac1212 button mash3901 carapace (character)49 carrot cake2016 comet tail859 cozy glow6876 crafty crate107 cup cake3943 dance fever75 davenport113 derpy hooves49006 discord29707 dj pon-328638 filthy rich1117 flash magnus782 fluttershy205373 gallus6326 grand pear249 granny smith5189 hayseed turnip truck255 hugh jelly235 limestone pie4801 lotus blossom2674 lumbar31 marble pie6262 matilda488 maud pie12139 mayor mare3160 meadowbrook776 merry may765 minuette5620 mistmane718 ocellus4969 octavia melody23181 pear butter2638 pharynx937 photo finish2555 pinkie pie209653 pipsqueak2790 pokey pierce1321 pound cake2471 princess cadance31475 princess celestia92199 princess flurry heart6809 princess luna96417 pumpkin cake2208 rainbow dash226284 rainbowshine864 rarity175711 rockhoof1079 sandbar5165 sci-twi22933 scootaloo50103 shining armor22336 silverstream5769 smolder7358 snails5209 snips4132 soarin'13621 somnambula1804 songbird serenade1167 spike76561 spiracle59 spitfire13048 star swirl the bearded1938 starlight glimmer46428 stygian735 sunset shimmer59949 sunshower raindrops2307 sweetie belle47746 tempest shadow16322 thorax4125 thunderlane3941 tree of harmony665 trixie64905 truffle shuffle407 twilight sparkle291378 vinyl scratch28638 yona4817 zecora9053 alicorn210434 changedling7809 changeling43949 classical hippogriff4692 dragon51979 earth pony222898 hippogriff8966 pegasus264755 pony901764 unicorn293984 yak4321 a canterlot wedding2631 canterlot boutique1013 crusaders of the lost mark1621 equestria girls190749 friendship is magic2690 lesson zero1395 magic duel2035 magical mystery cure2226 maud pie (episode)1265 molt down830 my little pony: the movie18463 my past is not today342 newbie dash1028 pinkie pride1464 school raze2282 shadow play1258 somepony to watch over me848 sparkle's seven1614 the beginning of the end2075 the crystalling2060 the cutie mark chronicles913 the hearth's warming club875 the maud couple724 the perfect pear1364 to change a changeling734 uprooted968 200th episode20 buttercup73 cello2465 cupcake5186 cutie mark crusaders18557 elements of harmony2395 everyone25 everypony372 food65794 mane six30800 mlp s9 countdown27 musical instrument8816 opening credits89 philips magnavox1 photoshop3701 photoshop edit4 pillars of equestria259 pixel art9930 saturn53 scepter1087 school of friendship1183 soda bottle29 sprite2141 sprite (drink)5 student six1534 television2323 theme song365 treehouse of harmony148 tv screens3 twilight scepter2006 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119787 wall of tags2801 wonderbolts3496 wubcart60 young 64


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Background Pony #F631
I loved this episode. That ending was great and I didn't see it coming.

I didn't like ep 100. I never cared for the fan background characters and suddenly they appear out of nowhere. I still hate the fact Octavia/DJ live in the same house. It's ugly and I feel like the only person who hates the pairing. Makes no sense. That's personal tastes though.
Background Pony #52AA
@Ghost Reviews
Its ideas presented by the main voice actors themselves. They pretty much wrote the episode as a thank you for them doing such a great job for 9 seasons.