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Page 1189 — To Be Washed Down

And here we are! Back again! In this new arc of… um… it's a secret!

There's other things I'm doing that ARE definitive, though!

For instance, my FATE mini-campaign The Cinematic Universe has completed its second session, which is now available for your listening/viewing pleasure! It's turning out pretty great so far in my opinion — the Spudventures are going strong!
Spudventures — The Cinematic Universe, Session 2: Podcast | Video

DM: On second thought, maybe no one really needs a detailed reminder. Yeesh. Ummmm… Y'know what? Instead of getting back to the chaos-pocalypse right away, what if we did some kind of… palate cleanser session?
Rainbow Dash: Are you even prepared for that?
Applejack: What would that even look like?
DM: No and no idea.
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