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The Endless Warlock (K♦)
@Background Pony #03A4

There are folks out there who believe the Bible means what it says, so when it says "do not lay with man as you do with woman" it means "NO HOMO SEX"

Meanwhile, several people who studied how shit worked back in ancient Israel say it meant "don’t use your wife’s bed to do a guy" and it’s only "an abomination" because it’s rude toward your wife.
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Background Pony #03A4
I’m beginning to wonder just how screwed up commonly believed translations (read: not really translated) of Genesis are, if at all. Perhaps it was more like (using modern day speak here) "Gee, these people are messing things up so much they’re going to wreck their cars and die in them if they keep it up." Thing is I’m not putting words into the book here or removing them, I’m just wondering if the original Hebrew version meant that.
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Background Pony #03A4

Maybe, maybe not. The one playing "Pin the tail on the pony" has Berry Punch’s mane style but I can’t see the cutie mark or color for that matter.
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Background Pony #CDB4
I looked up Jack Chick and his comics—I felt embarrassed just from reading it.
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Background Pony #C6B5
@Background Pony #BB72
In reply to your long-ass comment…
Partying was not in the original Sodom & Gomorrah.
(I used , instead of . and \ instead of / because background ponies can’t use "links")
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Background Pony #03A4

It says in the NT that one of the fruits of the holy spirit is Joy so i think fun IS allowed. But how old is this story and how many people interpreted it through how many translations that may have been tampered with? If anything I think Sodom would’ve been blown up because the villagers brought it on themselves. Have you seen that "Humans 101 With Lyra" Thing in which she interprets it as well as she can (I guess) but still gets most of the things she says completely wrong? Does the same thing apply here? There are also so many other Gospels that aren’t included in most Christian bibles, Are there any that are missing? And where’s the "Waters will flow from the believer" (Or however it goes) verse that Jesus told of in the John gospel? Is it from a book missing from the Bible? Because I read it is.
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