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Sorry for the probable tons of tags missing on this, but it was a pretty Herculean task putting this together as it was and I'm sure there are mountains of the things. Just a fun little big celebration of the series to date, sort of something to look through and reminiscence over.

I know, two Twilights is kind of cheating (three really but the one's there for Starswirl), but I couldn't find a vector of Truffle Shuffle when I got to that point and I wanted to keep up the theme of being alphabetical except when done in pairs. Which I kind of wish I hadn't done with Pinkie, is a little weird she's the only Mane Six member not in her proper spot.

Also, I feel pretty bad about leaving Spike out of the group but, y'know, it says 100 ponies, not 100 characters.
safe1751018 edit135918 edited screencap67236 screencap227479 aloe2688 amethyst star2627 apple bloom50983 applejack173314 babs seed5817 berry punch6663 berryshine6663 big macintosh28836 blossomforth1454 blues1039 bon bon16694 braeburn6398 bulk biceps3485 caramel2547 carrot cake2152 carrot top5569 chancellor puddinghead375 cheerilee10137 cheese sandwich4061 cherry berry2206 cherry jubilee1122 chickadee875 cloud kicker2098 cloudchaser3884 cloudy quartz1419 clover the clever376 coco pommel6081 commander hurricane430 cup cake4257 daisy2598 daring do6498 derpy hooves50781 diamond tiara10404 dinky hooves4413 discord31837 dj pon-329690 doctor caballeron811 doctor whooves10951 fancypants1957 fili-second850 filthy rich1175 flam2183 fleur-de-lis3764 flim2271 flower wishes2470 fluttershy217282 golden harvest5569 granny smith5438 hoity toity1007 holly dash120 igneous rock pie922 jet set463 king sombra14233 lemon hearts2236 lightning dust4605 lily2029 lily valley2029 linky1654 lotus blossom2827 lyra heartstrings30102 masked matter-horn842 maud pie12736 mayor mare3334 merry may855 minuette5967 mistress marevelous740 ms. harshwhinny2411 ms. peachbottom875 night light2413 nightmare moon17225 noteworthy1038 nurse redheart3657 octavia melody24228 photo finish2677 pinkie pie220256 pipsqueak2877 pokey pierce1386 pound cake2614 prince blueblood4184 princess cadance33157 princess celestia96776 princess luna100799 princess platinum631 private pansy290 pumpkin cake2362 radiance832 rainbow blaze528 rainbow dash238614 rainbowshine990 rarity185622 roseluck5191 saddle rager847 sapphire shores1020 scootaloo51921 screwball1478 sea swirl1669 seafoam1669 señor huevos59 shining armor23645 shoeshine1767 silver spoon6647 smart cookie262 snails5364 snips4253 soarin'14205 sparkler2481 spike80514 spitfire13702 star swirl the bearded2050 starlight glimmer49803 sunset shimmer64811 suri polomare1240 sweetie belle49735 sweetie drops16693 thunderlane4213 time turner10947 tree hugger2896 trixie68752 trouble shoes1177 twilight sparkle306219 twilight velvet4465 twinkleshine2328 twist2901 upper crust671 vinyl scratch29691 zapp825 alicorn232962 earth pony266169 pegasus309316 pony1011020 unicorn342489 a bird in the hoof717 a canterlot wedding2927 a dog and pony show643 a friend in deed819 apple family reunion1114 applebuck season900 appleoosa's most wanted774 baby cakes684 bats!1736 bloom and gloom1036 boast busters1118 bridle gossip885 call of the cutie729 castle mane-ia902 castle sweet castle1351 daring don't1061 dragon quest966 dragonshy946 equestria games (episode)822 fall weather friends776 family appreciation day578 feeling pinkie keen840 filli vanilli1230 flight to the finish878 for whom the sweetie belle toils871 friendship is magic2997 games ponies play1101 green isn't your color935 griffon the brush off787 hearth's warming eve (episode)669 hearts and hooves day (episode)775 hurricane fluttershy1014 inspiration manifestation887 it ain't easy being breezies914 it's about time769 just for sidekicks956 keep calm and flutter on1075 leap of faith733 lesson zero1543 look before you sleep846 luna eclipsed1589 magic duel2175 magical mystery cure2445 make new friends but keep discord2069 maud pie (episode)1302 may the best pet win793 mmmystery on the friendship express683 one bad apple1428 over a barrel793 owl's well that ends well439 party of one1112 pinkie apple pie1036 pinkie pride1535 ponyville confidential1015 power ponies (episode)1898 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2700 putting your hoof down801 rainbow falls1646 rarity takes manehattan1460 read it and weep681 secret of my excess778 simple ways1321 sisterhooves social699 sleepless in ponyville1277 slice of life (episode)1809 somepony to watch over me872 sonic rainboom (episode)1058 spike at your service1063 stare master659 suited for success875 swarm of the century740 sweet and elite869 tanks for the memories1475 testing testing 1-2-31413 the best night ever1457 the crystal empire2864 the cutie map4166 the cutie mark chronicles992 the cutie pox645 the last roundup1113 the lost treasure of griffonstone1090 the mysterious mare do well688 the return of harmony1761 the show stoppers587 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000828 the ticket master1032 three's a crowd1325 too many pinkie pies1861 trade ya928 twilight time917 twilight's kingdom3170 winter wrap up1114 wonderbolts academy1377 applejewel667 big crown thingy2412 book34538 bookshelf3803 cake10088 cake twins485 candle4905 collage1450 equal cutie mark1496 equestria games438 escii keyboard66 everypony378 female1402314 flim flam brothers1269 flower trio579 food72997 future twilight1062 golden oaks library5229 hearth's warming eve1310 hearts and hooves day2165 jewelry68365 male388177 mare502383 marzipan mascarpone meringue madness94 power ponies2781 regalia21157 scepter1175 simple background409315 spa twins1380 stallion115787 twilight scepter2043 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126205 typewriter152 wall of blue57 wall of tags3656 wall of yellow5 white background102521


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@Background Pony #2D9C
Explain it in the comments — was supposed to be Truffle Shuffle but I couldn't find a vector of him, and I wanted to keep up the alphabetical-except-in-pairs thing.

Also intended to put in Button Mash and Flash Sentry but by the time I realized I'd left them out I'd have had to totally restructure the thing to put them in.
Background Pony #6DDF
Spike, Discord and Button Mash alone in the corner. Poor guys
And why put Twilight two times? The alicorn and the unicorn is not the same?
Background Pony #DA89
i'm not sure if this is true, but it appears to be,

OVER 9000 PONIES!!!!!
Background Pony #919B
Okay, now I'm imagining someone doing some sort of thing like the PokeRap for this…