Metal Thread anyone?

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Metal is about 95% of what I listen to when it comes to music. I usually listen to thrash, black metal, and death metal.

Favorite bands:
1. Metallica
2. Venom
3. Deicide
4. Anthrax
5. Children of Bodom

Metallica is my all time favorite band for MANY reasons. Venom is second best for even more reasons. Deicide is fucking great, I love their vocals and their heaviness. Anthrax ALWAYS makes me headbang. And lastly, Children of Bodom has a lot of good songs, but also has a lot of songs that are… not so good.

A few songs I recommend from some of said bands:

Venom —
Deicide —
Children of Bodom —
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@King Sombra
The Art of War, Wehrmacht (personal favorite) Panzer Battalion, Ghost Division (their most popular song), Union, Price of a Mile, Primo Victoria, Carolus Rex , Poltava, The Carolean's Prayer and Coat of Arms just to name a few.
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Damn, this thread's been getting less attention, maybe a Baroness track might give it some more?

And also some Opeth
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