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Why does this website hate Cozy Glow so much?

Background Pony #6A73
It happening because of discord doesn’t make them as bad ad him. It just means he screwed up horribly he also never tried to kill the mane 6 everything he did as a bad guy was reversable
Smart Heart

@Background Pony #15A0  
Gravity Falls. Alex Hirsch based a lot of the characters from the show off of people he knew in life.  
Steven Universe. All the characters represent someone on the LGBT spectrum.  
Amphibia. Matt Brally based Anne off his grandmother when she was a teenager.  
Hell, Batman: TAS had deep moments. Just look at Mr. Freeze and Clayface.
Background Pony #E700
@Background Pony #6A73  
She didn’t though. She only tried to imprison them. The only time she used any sort of major force was when she was directly fighting them. Unlike Discord, she couldn’t afford to play around. And if you recall, every time she hit someone it did minimal damage.
Background Pony #6A73
Death is Death cozy would have killed those who gave her nothing but kindness before she betrayed them with a smile. Discord has done plenty shitty things which is why im mixed opinions on him at times but u can’t honestly say hes THAT bad to that extent
Background Pony #E700
@Background Pony #6A73  
Cozy never tried to kill anyone though, despite her claims otherwise. Meanwhile, Discord was actually given a second chance and did horrible things even after that.
Background Pony #6A73
@Smart Heart  
That’s stupid this is a big what if, discord has never tried to kill a innocent person, he used sombra death as a strategic advantage but he has never tried to directly kill anyone even the changelings that took Fluttershy
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