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Part 5 of the 'Save The World' series, celebrating everypony involved in the fight against Coronavirus. Part 1 — Save The World , Part 2 — Hope, Part 3 — Those Who Carry Us, Part 4 — Keep the Light Part 6 — Remember the Fallen, Part 7 — Heroes

This is the battle of a generation, a global war fought not with arms and armies, but with determined hearts and fierce compassion. Those of you fighting in this struggle for mankind, particularly those of you keeping the torch burning in such places as New York, California, London, Spain, Italy and China, you may not be soldiers or generals, but you're already heroes. If the weight of the world on your shoulders ever feels too much, remember to take a moment to look after yourself, and take courage in the magic of kindness, generosity, loyalty, honesty and laughter. Take comfort in the universal friendship of those fighting alongside you worldwide, and keep up the fight. Together we will get through this.

This piece celebrates the dedication of pharmacists, those fighting to maintain the lifeline of medication keeping the world alive.

This piece celebrates the work of public transport workers, whose tireless dedication keep the rest of the world moving in the battle against the virus.

This piece celebrates the service of the paramedics, the saviours on the very frontline of this pandemic.

This piece honours the generosity and selflessness of the volunteers and humanitarian workers, extraordinary people achieving extraordinary things in the darkest of hours.
safe1727409 artist:manifest harmony419 all aboard83 fluttershy214915 meadowbrook839 starlight glimmer49206 trixie68107 zecora9446 earth pony256766 pegasus300158 pony987681 unicorn332496 zebra18049 series:save the world8 bag4843 coronavirus828 covid-19772 friendship express447 healer's mask177 heart eyes17090 heart nostrils90 mask6904 saddle bag5935 sonic rainboom1094 train2533 trixie's wagon1111 wingding eyes22876


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Background Pony #090D
Human World: Glory to Mankind/Humanity!
Equestria World: Glory to Marekind/Poninity!

Anyway well done with the image!
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