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One of my bonus FO:E mod characters (not a main character).

While it's not clear whether he is another ponified person or not, Calligraphy Stroke seems to carry a cheery demeanor in everything he does. Halis from Stable 46 Studios as a graphic artist and digital designer. 😊🎨🖼

Not the most outspoken, being a rather introverted pone — but he became a secret supporter of the peace movement by the alicorn liberation once he discovered it. Keeps his standing on this issue secret for safety reasons, but wears the traditional stable vault suit as testament to both his stable and the movement for good. 😀

A cute crystal pony who is willing to stand up for the cause, should he be called upon. 😌

As you can tell, I'm enjoying uploading these crystal pony SVGs a lot. Maybe too much. 😆
safe1728074 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan287 derpibooru exclusive28797 oc698384 oc only456425 oc:calligraphy stroke1 crystal pony4578 pony988286 unicorn332776 fallout equestria17295 my little pony: the movie19194 .svg available8401 absurd resolution66542 background pony oc1 barding15 brown eyes509 brown mane591 calligraphy52 clothes467583 crystal pony oc91 cute203021 fallout equestria oc68 happy31736 highlights350 horn70944 inkscape1868 looking at something2651 male380568 movie accurate1263 neck line12 ocbetes5524 pads33 pipbuck3531 pipbuck 300016 shading1930 shield2182 sitting64446 smiling254528 sparkles4652 stallion112245 stallion oc36 svg3684 unicorn oc10050 vault suit3564 vector77346


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