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One of my bonus FO:E mod characters (not a main character).
While it’s not clear whether he is another ponified person or not, Calligraphy Stroke seems to carry a cheery demeanor in everything he does. Halis from Stable 46 Studios as a graphic artist and digital designer. 😊🎨🖼
Not the most outspoken, being a rather introverted pone - but he became a secret supporter of the peace movement by the alicorn liberation once he discovered it. Keeps his standing on this issue secret for safety reasons, but wears the traditional stable vault suit as testament to both his stable and the movement for good. 😀
A cute crystal pony who is willing to stand up for the cause, should he be called upon. 😌
As you can tell, I’m enjoying uploading these crystal pony SVGs a lot. Maybe too much. 😆
safe1865299 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan436 derpibooru exclusive31674 oc779436 oc only577951 oc:calligraphy stroke1 crystal pony4872 pony1209733 unicorn395536 fallout equestria19170 my little pony: the movie20154 .svg available9119 absurd resolution69293 background pony oc1 barding17 brown eyes723 brown mane893 calligraphy55 clothes520099 crystal pony oc114 cute220840 fallout equestria oc100 happy35267 highlights638 horn98911 inkscape2088 jumpsuit4557 looking at something3342 male423992 movie accurate1466 neck line16 ocbetes6752 pads33 pipbuck3835 pipbuck 300028 shading2498 shield2349 sitting72127 smiling298202 sparkles5554 stallion133230 stallion oc93 svg4084 unicorn oc17428 vault suit3912 vector81365


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