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Well here is a remake of my first MLP crossover that I made, way back in 2011 when I first started watching the show.
It first started more as a joke that me and my friend made, but then it actually started to grow into something a bit more complex. Making the Mane6 into generals, each having her own unique army and units was quite a nice challenge.
First, this will be a presentation-like thing that showcases the Mane6, each with her own branch in the Equestrian Military. Within this part I plan to post some profile information for each of them that gives some backstory on how they got into the army.
Also I have big plan on showing certain units that they have as well as some humorous “You win / You lose” screens that you’d get after the battle.
As an important notice, I want to say that unfortunately this is not a mod for C&C Generals but only a presentation of the overall idea I have for this crossover.
Rainbow Dash >>474152  
Applejack >>474155  
Pinkie Pie >>474156  
Twilight Sparkle >>474153  
Rarity >>474151  
Fluttershy >>474154
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BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

Kuso Teitoku
In the modern world, great leaders resolve their conflicts with words…
Words like:
SCUD Launcher
Carpet Bombing
Tomahawk Missiles
Who will prevail?
Command and Conquer: Generals

Choose your general!
Selects Pinkie
Begins Game  
General Pie
General Dash
RD: Sonic Rainboom baby, let’s do this thing!  
RD: Be advised, this area is under the control of air force general, Rainbow Dash! Withdraw now or PREPARE TO BE BOMBED BACK TO THE STONE AGE!
RD: General, you are no match for me, I own the skies!
Sees RD’s base
RD: Watch the skies general, were gonna put on an airshow!
Zooms back to my base  
Pegasi fly over my base
“Lets give ‘em an air show!”
RD: Wanna see that again? Hehehehhehe!
|| I’ve played way too much of the General’s Shockwave Mod ||
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Zipp is g5 BP
@Background Pony #73E0
An underrated classic IMHO…even though at the time I bashed the shit out of it since it wasn’t Tiberium Twilight like I was hoping for.
Given how the actual Tiberium Twilight turned out however…  
Background Pony #B45A
Oh my god. I thought I was the only one who still remembered this game. Good times.

Five scoops of ice cream
@Sergeant Slate
Even his infantry melt in the face of opposing anti-infantry vehicles. You can get away with it versus the AI, but there’s no way to make it cost-effective versus a player.