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>friends are threatened  
>lel no magic  
>property damage  
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Background Pony #CA94
That actually makes an aweful lot of sense. It would explain why Trixie got off so easily: Acoording to Equestrian laws she never comitted any crimes at all despite taking over the whole town. FiM takes place in a pretty crapsack world.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Watcher of the Watchmen
This is messed up.
Despite everything Longhorn and his lackeys did, Twilight didn’t see fit to magic them into a holding cell.
However, when Longhorn alone demolishes this “historical” site, Twilight is allowed to shunt them all into a cell? By the incredibly stupid train of logic they’ve all been following, shouldn’t it just be Longhorn? Or is Equestria’s justice system really that messed up, where you can participate in all the assorted hostile actions and get away with it, but when someone actually does finally break the law, you can get jailed just for being associated with the person doing it?
Background Pony #6AD5
I don’t like the show as much as I used to, but what’s that got to do with anything? All this stuff he’s saying about “false hope” is just ridiculous. When the franchise produces something we think is good, we laud it, and when drivel like this comic comes along, we criticize it. That is how it should be, shouldn’t it? I fail to see the problem.
Background Pony #6906
If this show had stayed for little girls,Hasro would have done what they do best:selling shit for little girls in total indifference,like they should have for day one.Its naive to think that its different here.You cant seem to understand that this franchise was doomed from the start to suck.There’s too many things against it.It’s foolish to excepting different results,i mean do you ever saw Hasbro track record ? You just giving yourself false hope thinking it would be different.Things never change
Background Pony #C0CA
@Background Pony #C3E6  
My problem with MMDW is there’s a better story idea in it then the actual story in that Scootaloo starts a fan club for Dash meaning Dash is now a role model meaning you could have Scoots and other kids doing dangerous daredevil stuff to be like their hero and have Dash learn about the responsibility of being a role model  
Honestly it’s an episode idea long over due to be done and Mare-do-Well could have been that episode but it wasn’t and that’s why I don’t like it
Background Pony #6AD5
@Tumblr Feminism Is A joke  
MMDW wasn’t the best the show has to offer, but it wasn’t the worst either. A lot of uptight Dash fans made more of it than was reasonable, considering how big a jerk she was being. The problem with that episode isn’t that Dash’s friends were being cruel, because they actually weren’t. The problem was that there were a few notable gaps in the story, such as a scene where Dash’s friends try to properly reason with her, for example.
This comic on the other hand doesn’t just have plot holes, it plays havoc with our protagonists’ sense of right and wrong. Not only is justice screwed up by mindless “red tape”, the heroes themselves ended up having to turn into shallow cheats to get the outcome they wanted. No one looked good in all of this.
Background Pony #C0CA
@Tumblr Feminism Is A joke  
Well whatever your most hated episode is  
The point I’m trying to make is people are dismissing critics of this because we’re all a bunch of dumb comic nerds who nitpick ever little thing instead of thinking we have legit complants  
If it were an episode were then suddenly those complaints become legitimate
Background Pony #C0CA
If this story was an episode rather than a comic the hated levels for it would rival Mare-do-Well  
And pretty much getting there already

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I for one don’t really know or care about the specific writers or artists, I just saw terrible writing and a particularly sucky Twilight and just wanted to join in on the rant in harmony with my fellows.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Escapee from Alcatraz
@Background Pony #977A  
Yes, how DARE people get passionate about characters in a way that doesn’t inconvenience or bother anybody outside of this board that you have to be older and passionate about the show to be in the first place? Scum of the Earth, I say.
Background Pony #9A70
Getting this mad over a fictional character  
Reason 7458 why this whole show should have stayed for little girls