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If anyone’s interested. Suzy and Holly (Arin and Ross’s wives) are playing Yo-kai watch on the former’s gaming channel.
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Back from watching the fireworks
Forgot my gloves, now my fingers are frozen
Overheard a couple of drunk guys joking about burning down refugee reception centers for additional fireworks
Good times
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I read a good analysis of the Star Wars movie. Basically what they said was that the reason why the empire keeps failing is that they keep making ridiculously expensive weapons that get blown up within a day. Instead if they used all that resources towards traditional weapons they would win easily.
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They did that, that’s what the TIE Fighters and lower class ships are for, the problem is that no amount of ships can hold the entire galaxy, even the Star Forge couldn’t pull off that kind of force, so they need fear,
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Have you guys been hearing about all the cool shit with CRISPR?
Well more than likely not, but basically CRISPR is that new way of gene editing that I’ve been going “ermagod” about lately. Well they literally cured cancer in a mouse and now they’ve stopped DMD in mice.
I know it’s going to be a couple years until it’s widespread, but holy shit. Keep in mind that it doesn’t reverse the already done damage though; so like let’s say you have liver cancer and CRISPR is successful, you’re still going to have liver problems for the rest of your life though cause it doesn’t heal you, rather it gets rid of faulty dna.
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Honestly I like the manga version of Suika better. I know people like lolis and all, but the manga versions of the characters look a bit better.
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[screams in German]
@Virgil Stormblade  
Because I have no one to send me on Sunday and taxi fares are expensive.
Also, you’re missing the point. It’s not about when I’m going back, it’s about my vacation being over and going back to the stress hole that is college.
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So facebook now has a livestream service.
Most people probably don’t care, but what is probably happening right now is that internet websites like facebook, youtube, twitter and such are having a slow decline in profit. Since running social media sites, video sites and such is getting cheaper that means more competition which means the big sites have to remain competitive, but rather than innovating they’re expanding their services offered of services already offered by their competitors but that’s not really helping the situation in the long run cause it’s shit that people have already done numerous times.
What I mean by this is that more than likely facebook, twitter and such will continue to exist in say ten years, but they won’t solely have one purpose; rather more than likely all the big sites will offer similar services and they’ll no longer have billions of users individually but rather be smaller and there be more competition.
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@Virgil Stormblade  
They won’t.
Basically what I mean by this is more than likely Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will exist in 2025 but chances are they won’t be AAA sites popularity wise, more like A sites and more than likely they’ll all have similar functions to each other.
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