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Draconequues Lover
misty will get redemption because of the fact that she will see that the only one to get her cutie mark is to have individually

Draconequues Lover
She can’t get a cutie mark under opaline because she isn’t allowed to explore other things and I think opal knows that. She’s a cruel b word indeed.
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6 episodes in.
Dahlia sure gets a lot of background if not speaking roles. I’m not complaining.
At the same time Posey hasn’t had any speaking roles. That sure is a reversal from TYT.
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Smiling Panzerfuchs 2.0
So, seen all 8 episodes. Was good. I like it. But there are some things that struck me negatively. And this says someone who rarely plays the critic. I don’t know if it’s because of the new writers or because G5 is still relatively “new” and the show hasn’t really found itself yet. But you can’t deny that there were weaknesses. And although they were almost always minor things, the frequency of them was noticeable. But the animation is better in any case. And the songs were good. So: 6/10, whereby episode 3 is a smooth 10/10. I love the dynamic between Pipp and Zipp.
I think I’ll wait and see what others have to say about it. I liked Opaline and Misty very much. And Athena Karkanis’s voice. Nice! ;-)
I also like the new lore. It wasn’t much, but it was all that more interesting for it.
My hopes for the future: Misty reformed, Opaline as a recurring villain for more than just 1-2 seasons. And of course more lore. And the return of the other races somehow ^^
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How likely is it that Opaline never had any intention of getting Misty her cutie mark?
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So, what’s the Opaline’s Cutie Mark? I can barely see it, but there must be some shot where it’s fully visible.
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I do wonder if we’ll ever get to see other species in G5 appear such as the Kirins, Hippogriffs, Gryphons, Pest Bugs, TimberWolves & of course the famous Bat Ponies!(And more) I wonder what happened to the other species of ponies especially after the diversion of the unicorns, earth ponies & Pegasus.
I wonder what they’ll cannonly look like as well as lore/plot be to what happened to them. :)
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I’m not even sure if they will have the manpower to model and animate them and render several new scenes. Given how almost lifeless Maretime Bay was, you could expect the same for the other races. And given the fact that they changed Twilight’s look. I honestly don’t know if they will get a downgrade. Plus, it’s gonna take a long time before the other species get their time to shine. The cloaking spell now ceased does knock out the impossibility that they could show up.
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