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Yeah, I realised the two different spellings after I made the post. I didn’t consider anyone would try to create a second tag to work around an alias.
I’ve posted the “war dash” tag in the alias thread.
Edit: an it has already been imp,emented. Damn, the mods move fast around here.
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I’ve been having an issue with notifications for well over a week now. Just a few minutes ago I had 5 notifications and once I clicked on one of them, it said that there were none left on the page I navigated to.
A Masked Pony
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Praise The Sun.
Me too. This is before I click the notifications tab.
And this is after.
And as soon as I go back to the homepage… It shows 2 notifications again. I’m not sure how else to explain it.
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All mine does is hide all suggestive, questionable and explicit images unless it’s tagged with vore then suggestive and questionable is allowed
I might hide sonic images though because usually it’s just background ponies uploading crap lol
Or sonic and rainbow dash which… Meh
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fluffy sylveon
If we’re posting our filters:
I just based this filter off of the legacy default (back when it was just the regular default) and added/removed tags as I felt like I needed to.
Also, this non-public filter is apparently being used by 3 people.  
-Does that count when I’m logged in to my account in multiple places?  
Although I’m pretty sure I’m only ever logged in on my computer or iPad…-
-EDIT: wait, it’s 4 when I actually use it myself (I was on a different filter).  
EDIT2: ignore all that (although it is apparently being used by 3 people who aren’t me)
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I’ve got the filters user count problem too, but I can use this as an excuse to show off my pure filter insanity.
Not showing what my filter spoilers/hides, you’ll know why:  
I should really make a new filter :I
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I’m probably just gonna dump it soon. If you really wanna know, it’s filtering out a bunch of one-shot artists whose art styles don’t appeal to me much.
It’s ridiculously petty and I really should just get rid of it and start anew with a fresh filter.
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That’s quite the list. I wonder how many of those artists have improved since you added them to your filter?  
>mfw I’m on the list  
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My guess would be the notifications got culled for being old, but for some reason their cached amount was still displayed. As far as I know, some notification-culling jobs were not running until recently, so that could be the cause.
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Praise The Sun.
@Princess Luna  
Makes sense. I know you have to cache a lot to keep the site https. So i’m not really surprised to see a few little bugs here and there. Just seems to happen randomly and gets me excited for no reason lol.
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