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Sunny wants Zipp to socialize with her sister more. But Zipp refuses too. So Sunny gives Zipp a potion that makes Zipp always have to be at least 20 ft away from Pipp for 10 hours. This is so Zipp will have to talk with Pipp.
But Zipp gets frustrated at her pridacament.
I think I like the idea of Sunny being an extrovert who tries to get everybody to do stuff together and doesn’t quite understand introverts like Zipp and how they need their alone time. And Zipp needs to know how to balance between her own time and time with others.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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For the Future
I managed to publish two chapters from my story in the same month. Life is good.
On a sidenote, I finally managed to figure out how to paste a story into the app without it completely destroying the original formatting.
Background Pony #A22C
Twilight finds a stone that allows her to go to different universes. She then gets a idea to make a interdimesional fighting force to protect the multiverse.
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