Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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If only we treated people that steal millions and blackmail and bribe to get their way the same we treat children taken across an imaginary line in a desert…

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10 countries with the most people
1.China🇨🇳: 1,427,647,786
2.India🇮🇳: 1,352,642,280
3.US🇺🇸: 330,258,000
4.Indonesia🇮🇩: 267,670,543
5.Brazil🇧🇷: 210,730,000
6:Pakistan🇵🇰: 206,712,000
7. Nigeria🇳🇬: 200,963,59
8.Bangladesh🇧🇩: 167,601,000
9.Russia🇷🇺: 146,793,744
10.Mexico🇲🇽: 126,577,691
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Ah the ever classic Whataboutism.

Extra appropriate considering just the other day Trump tweeted out what was basically a checklist of his political enemies in response to hearing his Ol' buddy Ol' pal Ol' friend Roger Stone was found guilty of all charges against him (many of which, mind, Trump is also accused of…)
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The Trump administration continues to be cowed by dictators

The US and SK have called off joint military exercises because they were upsetting North Korea.

How can people like NP continue to be a cock-sock for this supposed "strong man". Trump is more aggressive with US citizens than he is with literal murderous dictators.

I just went into the comments section on Fox News with their reporting of this. To my surprise, it wasn't filled with Trump boot-licks. A couple of commenters even said it was the "last straw" for them.
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Given this administration, it's a sadly legitimate question whether the Trump administration as a whole ducked their heads over a dictator's aggression, or if Trump himself bent over because he wanted his dictator-sempai to notice him.
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